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LEFT: VINTAGE coat, ZARA loafers and MISSTELLA bag
RIGHT: ZARA shoes and bag, H&M trousers

I don`t have an outfit post prepared for today so thank God for Instagram.
Another two outfits I wore back in Split (one is already on the blog, second one is waiting to be published, probably tomorrow). As I`m writing this post, I am looking through the window watching the snow and praying for warmer days. I love winter but I`m not too keen on snow, I never know what to wear. The snow itself makes me depressed any lazy for some reason. I come from the sea so you can understand my inability to adjust. You have to see me trying to walk on snow, it`s been 4 years since I moved to Zagreb and I still look like I have a stick up my ass. 

And now, the question of all questions, which outfit do you like more?



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I am wearing VINTAGE jacket, ZARA bag and loafers, H&M sweater and BERSHKA jeans

Another rainy Monday, can I just stay at home, watch movies and do nothing? I woke up feeling tired and exhausted, so yeah, this is gonna be one rough and sloth-like day.

I don`t do a lot of vintage and second hand shopping, mostly because I don`t have the nerves to go through tons of clothes. Still, every now and then I accept the challenge and always end up getting some really neato stuff, like the jacket above. (yes, I just used the word neato) 
The price was a real joke, I am 30 kunas lighter. ( 3£ or 5$) Now that`s what I call a bargain. I am completely over the moon about it, for some reason I feel like a total 70s Manchester kid while wearing it. A great amount of bands I listen to come from Manchester, so yeah, it`s a pretty nifty feeling. (Excusez-moi but I felt the urge to use the word nifty)
Yet another fun post has come to an end, have a great day, another "fun with words" post will be online soon. Totally stole this from Sheldon Cooper and his "fun with flags".


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What makes winter so special and loveable? If you ask me, it`s days like the one today. Outside the rain is pouring and I`m laying on the couch all wrapped up in a blanked, reading a book and of course, drinking tea. Tea is one of my favorite beverages, there`s nothing better than a cup of tea in the morning, afternoon and of course, before going to sleep. That`s how much I love tea! Green tea in particular and apple/cinnamon one mostly because its smell reminds me of Christmas morning. (I`ve overused and abused the word "tea" in this paragraph)

To be honest, this post is long overdue. While writing it, I heard "I want to break free" by  Queen on the radio, started dancing around the house (because what else can you do when you hear that song?!) and well, completely forgot about it. Wasn`t sure whether I should publish it or not, but what the heck, I felt like writing something so here it is, tea post.


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LEFT: ZARA shoes and trousers, ANN CHRISTINE bag, H&M sweater
RIGHT: ZARA trousers and boots, ASOS faux fur coat

One of my best sale scores this winter are most definitely the leather trousers above. All the leather pants in my closet are skinny fit, so I wanted to change things up a bit and get myself a boyfriend fitted pair. I did see couple of them on ASOS but I`m always hesitant when it comes when it comes to buying jeans or pants online. I prefer going to the store and trying them on first. These were sold the moment I tried them on because they look and feel amazing. The only issue I had with them and most Zara pants, they`re a bit too loose in the waist and if I size down they`re too tight in the calves. So I decided to go with the bigger size and wear a belt, problem solved.
And what about the boots in the right picture, I am seriously over the moon about them but I`ll cool down and leave the story for another blogger chit chat.

Which outfit works better for you, left or right?