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Nothing beats an all black look, right? Especially when you`re in a hurry and you know you`ll spend the entire day running around and running errands. 
The only things I`ve been buying lately are oversized sweaters. I can already see I`ll be wearing them throughout the whole winter. 
Hopefully the weather will stay sunny for few more days so I`ll be able to make few proper outfit posts!


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I am wearing CHOIES waistcoat, TOPSHOP sandals, ZARA silk dress and CHOIES bag.

Finally back with an outfit post. Here`s a simple outfit I wore for a quick coffee. As you probably know, my favorite color is black. It has been that way since forever and you know what people say, everything looks better in black. Agreed.

Regarding the shoes, now I understand why many bloggers are crazy about Birkenstocks, they`re without the doubt the most comfortable pair of shoes ever. I mostly wore these Topshop zebra sandals to the beach, and yeah, for a coffee apparently.
Oh and as I`ve mentioned before, there are many (positive) changes going on in my life at the moment so please bare with me when it comes to regular outfit posts! For more photos, you can follow me on Instagram @mila_fashionrocks.


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Pardon my french, but this crappy weather makes it hard for me to make a proper outfit post. I hope weather conditions will change in the following days and few rays of sun will shine over Zagreb in the end...
Until then, here is one my Instagram photos (@mila_fashionrocks) with these, as I like to call them, killer boots. Or porn boots if you ask one of my friends.
They`re comfortable, waterproof, warm and last but not least, very sexy, proper head turners. Am I right or am I right?


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I am wearing ZARA skirt and shoes.

Hi everyone!
So here we go, summer is over, September has arrived. And I must say, the weather looks proper "septemberish". No sun on the horizon and the sky is grey.
I don`t mind autumn (layering timeeee!), but on the other hand, more sun and warm days wouldn`t hurt... Can`t believe it was just a few days ago that I was on the beach, completely stress free and surrounded by sun.
The greyness of autumn sometimes makes it hard for me to get any work done, I just want to lay in bed and read a book or something.
Guess I`ll just have to get used to this, right?

Until a proper outfit post, here`s a little sneak peek of what I wore. I got both skirt and shoes during sales. Score!