faux leather pants, neklace ZARA
boots CHOIES
oversized black t-shirt H&M

All black.
I absolutely love this outfit! A lot of you say how you want to see me wearing high heels and dresses but that is just not me. Sometimes I feel like wearing a girly dress and high heels, but those days come really rare. I guess with the warmer weather, there will be more of those outfits. Anyhow the next time I promise I will take photos and publish them!

All the items from the photos are formiliar to you from previous posts so there is no need for further explanation.
Sorry for the ultra white complexion on the photos, I have no idea what happened!
I am already late for college so until next time!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Odlicno... izgledas bas ( sad bi upotrijebila jednu prostu rijec u pozitivnom kontekstu) :) Ti si lijepa cura i sve ti dobro stoji ali i meni si ovo jednostavno TI (iako te ne poznajem pa je pomalo glupo reci takvo sto)...shvatila si :-) Ugl, genijalno :-)

  2. love the looks, the boots are amazing and adore the leather pants
    xx ish

  3. Perfect boots and necklace!

  4. I'm in love with this look! The boots and coat are beautiful :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

  5. I love it when someone is true to their style and didn't give in to mainstream flows after the started blogging just to get followers. You are a perfect example of why nothing will ever be "the new black", how different styling, forms and accessories can always make an all black outfit fresh and how staying true to your style builds you a sincere fan base. Personally, we don't have the same style, but I like your outfits, your stories and the way you present your ideas. We do have Joy Division in common and that's why I love the tattoo. I'm thinking about putting: "no love lost"... :)

  6. Amazing jacket. I love the boots too you look awesome
    plus love the joy division tattoo

  7. in love with the necklace!

    New outfit post ; Spring look

  8. Love that coat!

    xo Jennifer

  9. kakav kaput <3

    + <3 za tattooo

  10. I am falling in love with your gorgeous appearance, but as your said love will tear us apart, so I will try to control my feelings.. :) Anyways.. Awesome blacks! Fabulous black outfit matched with great pair of designer footwear.. Loved it..!

  11. love this necklace and boots!great!

  12. Love the booties and your tattoo ♥
    Andrea in Fashion


Thank you for all your comments! :)